Accelerated Reading Student Progress


     Any parent wishing to monitor their child’s progress in AR can use the same website that has been used in the past, may want to place this link under your FAVORITES on your home computer for future reference.    

     The Username and Password would be the same ones used by your child to take the AR tests in school.  (These do not change from year to year.  Username equals first initial of the first name, followed by the first four letters of the last name.  Password equals the first five letters of the last name.  All of this is lowercase.)  On the home page, there is a tab at the top for “Email Set-up.”  Entering your email account allows you to receive notification each time your child takes a test.  In your child’s account, you can click on “View My Bookshelf” to review all of the tests which have been taken during their years at SFCS.